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The composition of the fees of Maître Maha MOHAMED is different for cases in foreign law and cases in personal injury. 

For foreign law cases

The fees are fixed and vary according to the complexity ot the case and the time spent to solve the case.

For personal injury cases:

We will agree on the fees together, which always consist of a fixed fee and a result fee. This result fee consists of a percentage applied to the total sums that the lawyer will have enabled the victim to recover from the insurer. This percentage varies according to the stakes and complexity of the case. 

The result fee is by definition charged when the result is obtained by the client: the fees are deducted from the compensation received, with the client’s agreement and under the fee agreement signed. It is important to note that generally, in no-fault accidents, you will not have to make any advance payment, even for fixed fees – you will only pay the fees once the insurance company has at least paid you a retainer.


We do not control the instruction time of the 

Le cabinet MM-Avocat accepte tous les moyens de paiements. Vous pouvez payer par carte bancaire, chèque ou espèce.

Lors du dépôt de votre dossier en préfecture la totalité des honoraires doivent être réglés.
Pour les dossiers au contentieux, la totalité des honoraires doivent être réglés au jour de l’audience au plus tard.

Oui, un échéancier de paiement peut-être mis en place.