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Personal Injury Law

Our law firm defends victims of personal injury. She works in partnership with medical experts for these cases.

Maître Maha MOHAMED uses her skills to defend your rights and interests. Why call upon a lawyer in victims’ law? Maître MOHAMED enables you to obtain compensation for all your injuries and other damages suffered.

Whether you are the victim of an assault, an accident, or a medical error, the assistance of a lawyer is essential. Get advice from a lawyer during the amicable procedure or in litigation following an injury.

Insurance law:

The Badinter law provides for a “right to compensation” for any victim of a traffic accident in which a motor vehicle is involved.

Moreover, for any personal injury, it may be necessary to call on the services of a lawyer, even in the case of minor after-effects, when you encounter disputes with your insurance company regarding compensation for personal injury.

Health Law/Medical Liability:

You have the right to the assistance of a lawyer to accompany you throughout your compensation process. Medical errors exist and the compensation process is very difficult when you are fighting alone. The law of the 4th of March 2002, known as the Kouchner Law, allows compensation for victims not only in case of fault but also in case of therapeutic hazards which can be defined as a serious accident resulting from an exceptional complication of the treatment, without medical fault and without any link with the foreseeable evolution of the initial affection.

The law of 4 March 2002 also created for accidents of a certain seriousness a special amicable procedure, as an alternative to the judicial procedure, intended to deal with these disputes and entrusted to the Regional Commissions for Conciliation and Compensation of Medical Accidents (CRCI), in which representation by a lawyer is not compulsory but remains essential.

This free amicable procedure, simple in appearance, nevertheless entails significant risks for the claimant of having his medical accident not recognized or his prejudices underestimated as soon as he finds himself alone in front of the health professionals in a complex process, deprived of advice and assistance.

Social Security Law:

Very often, the victim of an accident at work goes to the medical examination of the CPAM without being accompanied by a doctor, and as a result, the rate of invalidity retained may turn out to be too low compared to the victim’s real situation; this is a situation that even occurs very regularly. The rate of disability may then be contested by the victim of the accident at work. Occupational accidents resulting in permanent work incapacity concerned about 40,000 employees in France in 2012.

While compensation for accidents at work is generally relatively limited, the employer’s inexcusable fault may allow the victim of an accident at work to obtain much greater compensation. Indeed, in case of inexcusable fault, the compensation is no longer limited to the payments made by the CPAM but can concern the whole of the prejudice suffered by the victim, such as, for example, the temporary functional deficit, the costs of adapted housing, and the assistance of a third person before consolidation. More and more employers are taking out insurance policies and it is therefore with the employer’s insurer that the firm may have to negotiate.