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foreigners’ rights


Maître Maha MOHAMED proceeds to the regularisation of the administrative situation of the foreigner. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and French, which facilitates understanding with her clients.
Maître Maha MOHAMED will accompany you every step of the way to obtain your residence permit. A temporary residence permit can be issued to a foreigner under certain conditions, for a period of one year.

Several categories exist, depending on your situation. The two main categories of residence permits currently issued by the prefectures are “private and family life” and “employee” permits. Maître Maha MOHAMED also deals with changes of status, in order to move from one category to another of residence permit. She also assists with access to a residence permit (for a period of ten years).

Maître Maha MOHAMED assists you at all stages of your regularisation for :

  • making an appointment at the prefecture – which is often difficult for users
  • setting up the file
  • supporting you at the prefecture for the submission of your application
  • lmonitoring the applications with the prefectures

Are you obliged to leave French territory? What legal claims can you file?

When your permit to stay in France is not granted by the prefect, you must leave the State.

Furthermore, when an identity check reveals the administrative irregularity of a foreigner, an obligation to leave the territory is also issued. A ban on returning to French territory, which is more severe for the foreigner, may also be imposed. An appeal is always possible and MUST take place, to improve the administrative situation of the foreigner.

Depending on your case, you can contest :

●      An OQTF with a deadline for voluntary departure, within 30 days;
●      An OQTF without a deadline for voluntary departure, known as without delay (48 hours).

Maître Maha MOHAMED assists you in challenging these decisions before the administrative courts.

Since her installation, Maître Maha MOHAMED has been able to obtain numerous cancellations of the obligation to leave French territory and the prohibition of return. In addition to these cancellations, she obtains injunctions to the prefects to issue a residence permit or to re-examine a file.

French nationality law

Maître Maha MOHAMED vous conseille et se charge de votre dossier pour effectuer une demande de naturalisation.

Regroupement familial

Maître Maha MOHAMED advises you and takes care of your file to apply for naturalization.

Family reunification

You have a residence permit and you want your family abroad to join you in France?

Maître Maha MOHAMED will take care of your application for family reunification with the French Office of Immigration and Integration and will manage the follow-up of the file.

Application for a long-stay visa

To enter and stay in France for more than 3 months, a foreigner must hold a long-stay visa (type D). This visa is granted by the French consular authorities. It is usually issued for study, work, or family reasons.

Several types of long-stay visas exist depending on the reason for the stay, its duration, and the intention to apply for a residence permit to settle permanently in France.

Maître Maha MOHAMED assists you at all stages of this procedure.